Wireline Lubricator/Pressure Control

Cico Oil & Gas Company offers superior wireline lubricator and pressure control services.

Our wide ranging capabilities of 5k, 10k, 12.5k and 15k packages with single, dual, triple and even quad BOP’s. Cico’s lubricator services can be coupled up with our wireline services for high value pricing, allowing Cico to handle a wide variety of pressure control jobs, or called out as a standalone service.

Further making use of our various service lines, we test and chart each package in-house before a job. All 3rd party certifications are available with our operators on-site and available in our offices. Each piece of iron in a package is fully banded for visual reference of inspection and compliance.

Cico maintains a fleet of Custom Hydraulic Equip Company grease injectors due to the superior performance and reliability. Each unit has dual engines and pumps in the event of equipment failure the operator can easily switch over to the other side and avoid any downtime. These units are equipped with multiple tanks so in most cases there is enough capacity built into the unit to complete an entire job. Hose reels are fully hydraulic which allows for a fast and safe rig up/rig down.

Ultimately, the success of Cico’s pressure control service line, lies with our people. Boasting nearly 80 years of oilfield experience in our leadership group, we know now to complete your Cicoject in a Cicofessional and safe manner.




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