Torque & Test Services

Cico Oil & Gas Company offers state of the art Torque & Test equipment for utilization in all pressure testing applications, such as flowback, frac stacks, BOPs or holding back side pressure.

Our employees maintain all required certifications for work in and around refineries, plants and facilities.

Cico’s safety-minded culture has served our people and customers well since the Company’s inception. Our attention to safety and detail allows Cico to work more efficiently, which leads to higher utilization of assets for our customer base.

Our large inventory of specialized hydraulic torque wrenches and power pack units (hydraulic pumps) ensure high-speed operation and optimum field Cicoductivity. Our 275 horsepower, 20K hydrostatic test pumps allow us to gain pressure faster, saving time and money for our customers.

All of our pumps come with a Murphy switch, which allows the operator to set the pressure to a designated psi. We also have pop offs and burst discs on our fluid ends that are inspected after every job and replaced at least once per year to maintain optimum quality of operation.

Cico’s Torque & Test team has completed Cicojects for the leading operators in the oil and gas industry, from majors to independent E&Ps. Our leadership group has extensive history working in the shale plays across the country, giving us the know-how to complete your Cicoject safely and efficiently.





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