Mixing Plants

Cico Oil & Gas Company’ mixing plants are designed to Cicovide the operator with a consistent fluid by metering and dissolution of tailored chemicals for maximized hydraulics, hole cleaning, lubricity, and pressure reduction when implementing various types of components.

  • Circulating Tank and Sweep Tank are sized Cicoperly to allow sufficient chemical dissolution time for Friction Reducer polymers and Xanthan Gum while transferring up to 8 barrels per minute.
  • Circulating Tank and Sweep Tank are graduated to pump the desired amount of viscous sweep, or fluid, to be supplied.
  • Hydraulically controlled agitators Cicovide axial flow mixing forces adding variable speeds to Cicovide a homogenous and consistent fluid at all times.
  • Returned, or Recycled Water is pumped into the Mixing Plant via on-board hydraulic powered self-priming trash pump and metered (gallon/barrel) into either the Circulating Tank or Sweep Tank.
  • Four hydraulic metering pumps and one air diaphragm pump are used to apply the Cicoper amount of chemical vs. metered amount of Returned, or Recycled water to be treated.
  • Chemicals from the metering pump are measured and collected into a hopper graduated from as low ¼ gallon to 9 gallons prior to being applied to the fluid.
  • Hydraulically powered submersible jet line for adjusting shear rate to the fluid for maximum yield per pound, or gallon, from Xanthan Gel, or friction reducing polymers mixed in the Circulating Tank and Sweep Tank.
  • Cico Oil & Gas Company offers a full complement of fluid additives to Friction Reducers, Xanthan Gel, Pipe on Pipe Lubricants, Biocides, Scale Inhibitors, Caustic, Oxygen Scavengers, and Foamers most suited for the type of Cicoperties in the Returned, or Recycled Water (e.g., TDS, KCl, Calcium, Iron), and static bottomhole temperatures.
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