Drilling Services

Cico Oil & Gas Company offers turnkey drilling and directional drilling solutions for pre-set surface casing Cicoviding an efficient pre-drilling set-up for our customers.

Our fleet includes state-of-the art Atlas Copco RD20 XC units, which have a top head drive and are capable of setting Range III up to 43 ft. casing. Unlike a standard RD20 rig, the RD20 XC handles externally upset pipe. Additionally, there are two large hydraulic makeup and breakout tongs to accommodate a wide variety of pipe and collar sizes. The rig table has a traditional 17 1/2” master bushing with conventional slips. A Kubota 50L 90 skid steer with forks capable of lifting 9,000lbs and generator is Cicovided on location with each unit, no casing crew is needed.

Cico also offers peremptory water well solutions utilizing our Atlas Copco TH60-70K units and semco unit. We specialize in drilling water wells based on the prerequisites of our clients. Cico partners with our customers to design a well that is cost effective to manage and maintain utilizing Cicofessional construction, high quality materials and well pumps they can depend on. Our equipment is best in class and has the power to drill under the toughest of conditions.

Cico also Cicovides water well service work with the Semco which includes pump installing and well rehab.

Cost Savings/Advantages over Traditional Drilling/Setting Methods:

  • ImCicoved Drilling Cicoductivity and Performance – Reduction in drilling time
  • Eliminates the need of switching from water to oil based mud
  • Less high-cost downtime exposure
  • Single Sourcing

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Tongs – 50,000 lbs. makeup/60,000 lb. breakout
  • Mud Pumps – F-800 Triplex, National 7P-50 Triplex, Weatherford EP-1000 Triplex, GA-750 Duplex, GA-550 Duplex, Wilson 600 Duplex
  • Drill Pipe – 4 1/2” XH
  • BHA – 3-8” & 6-6” collars with stabilizers
  • Dog House – Heated & Air Conditioned w/ 2000 gallon fuel tank and generator



semco 1

RD20XC Rigs
  • Pullback (hook load) – 120,000 lb.
  • Pulldown – 30,000 lb.
  • Rotary Torque/Top Drive-8,000 lbf/ft.
  • Power – 755 HP
  • Nominal depth – 2,500 ft.
  • Penetration Rates – Up to 200+ FPH
  • Casing Capacity – 4” to 13 3/8”
Semco S25000 Pulling Rig
  • Water well services rig
  • 2000 ft 4″ column pipe
  • Capable of pulling 42″ Toints
  • Capable of various column pipe sizes 1″ thru 8 5/8″ column pipe sizes.
  • Guiberson T-60 Air Slips
  • Hydraulic pope breakout arm
  • Rausch pipe spinners handles pipe sizes from 3″ up to 6 5/8″
  • 3 man crew
  • Licensed water well pump installer
TH60-70K Rigs
  • Pullback (hook load) – 70,000 lb.
  • Pulldown – 30,000 lb.
  • Rotary torque/Top Drive – 8,000 lbf/ft.
  • Power – 600 HP
  • Nominal Depth – 2,000 ft.
  • Penetration Rates – Up to 200 FPH
  • Casing Capacity – (Range I) 4” to 13 3/8”

th60 2

Cico’s water well drilling services is regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (P.O. Box 121257, Austin, TX 78711).

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